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Where can I find a list of books for Grade 4 (or 1, 2, 3, etc.)?

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The Curriculum Materials Center provides a number of recommended reading lists on its Bibliographies & Resource Guides page, including:

In addition, there are some great print resources to help with selecting appropriate books for different grade levels:
  • A Field Guide to the Classroom Library by Lucy Calkins
    Curr.Mats. LB1573.C183 2002 (7 vols.)
    Each volume focuses on a grade level (K-6) and gives a list of books appropriate for that age level. Includes a book summary and teaching ideas.
  • Matching Books to Readers by Irene C. Fountas & Gay Su Pinnell
    Curr.Mats. LB1525.F63 1999
    Suggests books for beginning readers. The list by reading level starts on p. 247.