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How do I find out what books are required for my classes?

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The Library doesn't keep a list of books that are required for all of the University classes, each semester.  Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can find this information:

  • The Course Syllabus
    This is probably the best source of information, because it may include suggested books and other types of resources not listed elsewhere.  This is usually available through Blackboard for each class you are enrolled in.
  • The Bookstore website
    The Bookstore's Textbooks & Course Materials link allows you to drill down and find books for your specific course section. 
  • The University Course List
    From the blue menu on the  University homepage, choose Students, then Class Schedules in the first column.  Find your course (make sure it's the right section/professor) and you should see a 'View Books' link.  Click here to see any required texts.
Once you know what book you need, search under the Library's Books & Media tab to see if we have it!
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