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How do I add money to my printing account?

1151 views   |   Last updated on Nov 28, 2017    Printing

Each academic year, students are given 600 free pages of prints to use throughout the year (a double-sided page counts as one print). Once you've exhausted these free prints, you will need to add funds to your account in order to print.  Students are able to add funds to their accounts and use Pioneer Express to pay for printing, at a cost of $.05/page.  If money is already available on your Pione... read more

What do I need to do to get a Guest Account?

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Because the Cheng Library has a tradition of offering access to non-University users, Guest Accounts are provided as a courtesy to community users, visiting scholars and University alumni. Guest Accounts are intended only for use of the of the Library’s electronic resources or to gain access to the Internet, and do not include access to or use of the University and Library wireless laptops ... read more

Where can I get supplies (scissors, tape, highlighters, etc.) to use in the Library?

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The Library has a number of supplies available at the Lending Services desk, that can be borrowed for 6 hours at a time, with your university ID card.  These include:ScissorsTapeUSB DrivesGlue SticksRulersHighlightersSharpiesDry Erase Markers & Eraser ... read more

How do I book/reserve a study room for my group?

631 views   |   Last updated on Nov 28, 2017    Lending

The library has about 10 group study rooms, most of which are available on a first come, first served basis, for groups of three or more.For larger groups, the library also has two rooms that can be reserved ahead of time, for up to 3-hours.Room 226 is our largest group study room, and is available to groups of 6-12 students.  Room 110 is slightly smaller, and is set up for groups of 3-7 for pract... read more

Who is the librarian for my department/class/major?

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Each academic department at William Paterson University has a librarian assigned to help with the research needs of both faculty and students.  This can be through purchasing relevant materials, teaching library instruction classes, or offering one-on-one assistance (among other things).To contact the liaison librarian for your department, major or class, use the Library Liaison Directory. ... read more

Does the library offer tutoring?

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No.  This is not a service that the library provides, although there are a number of departments and services across campus that can help! Science Enrichment Center Academic Success Center Students of Life Mathematics Learning Center (Science Hall East 3036) Some colleges and departments (Business, Computer Science, Nursing, etc.) will also offer subject specific tutoring throughout the year, so... read more

Does the library have a copy of my course textbook?

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Generally, the Library does not purchase textbooks, although some faculty provide copies of their textbooks for Course Reserve in the Library. Not sure if we have your book?  Check the Library's catalog or contact the Reference Desk for assistance (973-720-2116 or  You can also check our Course Reserve listing to see if your textbook was dropped off by your professor. Each seme... read more

What programs are available on library computers in the lab?

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Library lab computers (and laptops) have a number of useful programs available, including the following: *Adobe Reader XAudacityIBM SPSS StatisticsMicrosoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Publisher)Microsoft SilverlightPowerDVD DXQuickTimeRoxio Creator DESalt SV8SASWindows Media PlayerWindows Movie MakerWinSCPNurse SquaredOur Front ERC Lab also has two Macs available.  Additional program... read more

What does peer reviewed mean?

590 views   |   Last updated on Jul 21, 2014   

When you're asked to find peer reviewed sources, what you're essentially looking for are books and articles that have been reviewed by experts for quality and accuracy.For example:An article is written by one of your Biology professors and sent to a reputable journal.  Before being published, though, it needs to be looked over to make sure that everything is in order.So, the journal editor sends t... read more

Can alumni borrow books from the library?

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The Cheng Library welcomes WPUNJ alumni to visit the library and make use of our main and reference collections, which can be freely used within the library.Alumni who present a valid WPUNJ Alumni Card (call 973-720-2175 or email for more information) may borrow up to 30 items for 28 days (books). See Lending Services for more information.If you have additional questions about bor... read more

Does the library have a Lost & Found?

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Yes.  The library's Lost & Found is located at the Lending Services desk, just as you enter the building.  We make every effort to contact the owners of found items if identifiable information is available (name, email, etc.), especially Flash Drives.... read more

Does the library have old yearbooks?

573 views   |   Last updated on Jul 21, 2014   

Yes!  We keep copies of the Pioneer yearbooks going back to 1941 at the reference desk, although there are some missing volumes.  Additional copies are also maintained in the University Archives, within the library, and requests for access should be directed to our archivist, Bob Wolk (973-720-2289) at least 48 hours in advance.For a complete list of available years, check the Online Catalog.Effor... read more

What does it mean when the online catalog says a book is Available, but it's not on the shelf?

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There are a number of possible explanations to this question.  The book may be: mishelved, in use by another student, within the library, shelved in a different part of the Library (Be sure to double-check the Location), on a cart, ready to be reshelved, or, unfortunately, lost or stolen. In any case, your best option is to ask for assistance at the Reference or Lending Services desks. We can of... read more

Who are the "Friends of the Cheng Library"?

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The Friends of the Cheng Library is a diverse group of individuals who advocate for the David and Lorraine Cheng Library as a center of intellectual life on campus and reach out to the academic and civic communities through a series of events and lectures. The Friends organization also supports the Library through the donation of materials and funds, and has helped to create the Library's Friends'... read more

Where are the Quiet Study Areas in the Library?

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While the entire second floor of the Library is designated a Quiet Zone, some areas are less quiet than others.The study areas in the front of the building are supposed to be Very Quiet, while light conversation is allowed in the rest of the upstairs (whispers, etc.).  In addition, Group Study Rooms, contrary to popular belief, are not soundproofed, and sometimes conversations from these spaces be... read more

Can I borrow headphones?

554 views   |   Last updated on Jul 21, 2014   

Yes!Media Services lends out headphones to students and employees for use with library computers or personal devices.These items are checked out to you, so be sure to bring your student ID with you when you ask for a pair.  Headphones can be borrowed for 3 hours at a time, but make sure to bring them back on time, as overdue fines apply!... read more

Who do I talk to if it's too hot/cold in the Library?

546 views   |   Last updated on Jul 21, 2014   

While it is not always possible to make quick changes to the Library temperatures, it is important that you let us know if there is a problem.  Issues with the building being too hot or too cold may be more common in the Fall or Spring, when outside temperatures are changing.   With a building this big it can sometimes be difficult to keep all areas at a moderate temperature.  Adjusting the heat o... read more

Can I donate books or other materials to the Library?

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The library is happy to accept gifts and donations of materials. *Donations are reviewed by subject specialists and those that meet the needs of our users and the William Paterson University community may be added to our collection.  Gift materials not added to the Collection may be donated to the Friends of the Cheng Library s semi-annual Book Sale, while all other items will be discarded or dona... read more

How do I find an article when all I have is the citation?

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Finding an article when all you have is a citation is quite different from searching for articles in a database.Keep your citation handy throughout the process, because it will give you the clues you need to find the correct article.Search the Journals A-Z List for the title of the journal/magazine from your citation.Review the results to find the correct match, which will contain one or more opti... read more

Where can I find a scholarly, peer reviewed article?

506 views   |   Last updated on Jul 21, 2014   

The best place to start searching for scholarly, peer reviewed articles is in one of the Library's many article databases.Start on the library homepage and select the Articles & Databases tab.  Then use the dropdown menu to select the subject area that you're researching, and press Go.Browse through the list of databases and choose one. Most databases will allow you to limit your search to just sc... read more

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