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How do I find an article when all I have is the citation?

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Finding an article when all you have is a citation is quite different from searching for articles in a database.

This short video will answer many of your questions, or instructions are available below.

Keep your citation handy throughout the process, because it will give you the clues you need to find the correct article.

  • Search the Journals A-Z List for the title of the journal/magazine from your citation.
  • Review the results to find the correct match, which will contain one or more options for accessing the journal/magazine.
  • Compare the date from your citation against the available dates by each access option, and choose one that contains the year you're looking for.
  • In most cases, you'll be taken to one of the Library's databases, where you can either browse by year, volume, issue, and page number or search the journal for the title of your article.
  • If your only options are WPUNJ Print, WPUNJ Film, or WPUNJ Fiche, the journal/magazine can only be found in the Library.  Select the button labeled "Click Here and we will email you the article", and fill out an Article Copy form using your citation to have a scanned copy made available to you within 48 hours (during business days).
If, at any point in this process, you're unable to move to the next step, contact the Reference Desk (973-720-2116) for assistance.