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I need a scholarly article but the webpage says I need to pay for it!

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Never pay for a scholarly article if you are a registered student


If the Cheng Library does not subscribe to an academic journal, we can get a free scan of the article from other libraries around the globe.


When searching our databases, you may see a link labeled Request through Interlibrary Loan.  This means we do not have access to the article that you need, but we can get it for you easily.  Just click the link, log in to our Interlibrary Loan & Article Copy service, and the form will be auto-completed for you.


Or, if you have a citation for an article not available through the Library, simply go to the Interlibrary Loan & Article Copy link on any of our webpages, and choose Article from the New ILL Request section.


Once the article is available (usually in less than 24 hours), we will notify you via email with instructions for downloading the PDF.


It’s that easy!


For more information, visit our Interlibrary Loan Policies page.